Formative Assessment: the review of Learning Intentions revamp

One year on already? I feel every week I intend to sit down and reflect on creating Learning Intentions to record, honestly, what happened to them in my classroom. Frankly, the best things kept distracting me. I have learnt a lot about teaching, motivation and what independent learning truly means this year, as well as […]

Our children don’t just ask “Why”… They show us the solutions too!

I am delighted to post this article to support the Teach Middle East’s 2021 STEM MENA conference. This article is part of my workshop, “Every Day is a Design Thinking Day and explains how the Design Thinking process can help teachers incorporate the skills that students need to succeed in their future STEM roles. After […]

Wii.Edu Introductions- My Story

Today I would like to contribute something that is a little bit different. Today I would not like to share anything classroom related, but it is still important to share.

Today I want to tell you about the 8 years that lead up to this moment

The role of Formative Assessment in our return to physical school. Learning Intentions. (2)

In the last article, I explored my common practice in sharing Learning Intentions. This article will explore what I want to change, why I want to change it and how I will go about that change to benefit the learning environment.
I have also shared how I will do this with the aid of our digital environment. Frankly, I do not want to go back to being at the mercy of the photocopier in September. And you should not either!

The role of Formative Assessment in our return to physical school. Learning Intentions (1)

The more I reflect on my formative assessment practice, the more excited I became about the marriage of two ideas: Our period of online learning has catalysed disruptive pedagogy as a whole profession, and, Our future is now to integrate the goodness of our digital environments to create a new school that is better than the one we left behind in March 2020.
So, how does all this relate to Learning Intentions? Because actively reflecting upon how we deliver Learning Intentions is difficult.

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