Formative Assessment: the review of Learning Intentions revamp

One year on already? I feel every week I intend to sit down and reflect on creating Learning Intentions to record, honestly, what happened to them in my classroom. Frankly, the best things kept distracting me. I have learnt a lot about teaching, motivation and what independent learning truly means this year, as well as…

Our children don’t just ask “Why”… They show us the solutions too!

I am delighted to post this article to support the Teach Middle East’s 2021 STEM MENA conference. This article is part of my workshop, “Every Day is a Design Thinking Day and explains how the Design Thinking process can help teachers incorporate the skills that students need to succeed in their future STEM roles. After…

Wii.Edu Introductions- My Story

Today I would like to contribute something that is a little bit different. Today I would not like to share anything classroom related, but it is still important to share. Today I want to tell you about the 8 years that lead up to this moment

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