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Creating Avatars using Bitmoji and a Surface Pro

Is the lighting right? Do I have the right angle? Do I always look like I’m looking down?

It took me ages to make my first video with my real face in it, and I only did it out of necessity. This was before I discovered how to make my own avatar. I’ve seen countless people doing this on iPads. I wanted in.

Digital Citizenship

It takes a village to raise a 21st Century child.

By the time secondary school students reach 15, 74% of them have an active social media account and 83% of them own a smartphone. By then, their social role models have shifted from their parents to their peers. They become the moderators of their own digital world. Learning how to communicate with each other in that digital world has now become an essential survival skill, one which they must harness before stepping onto the world stage by themselves.