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Our children don’t just ask “Why”… They show us the solutions too!

I am delighted to post this article to support the Teach Middle East’s 2021 STEM MENA conference. This article is part of my workshop, “Every Day is a Design Thinking Day and explains how the Design Thinking process can help teachers incorporate the skills that students need to succeed in their future STEM roles. After […]

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Beyond the platform: Skill One: Effective Organisation by using a Digital Classroom

Teachers and students are now increasingly turning to their Clouds in order to manage their various documents in order to alleviate the increasingly student bags. “You can never lose a file” sounds like a dream come true for anyone who creates multiple files and photos each day, which is the majority of our student and teaching community.
Increasingly, we are coming to the realisation that not deleting any photos from the last 10 years means that our Clouds are now massive, and finding the right file can take ages!