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Online lesson creation- Methods you can use to deliver content in COVID19 and beyond

Pre recorded and live lessons play a huge part in teaching our students through this current climate. They can also become an important aspect of your teaching practice in the future too. Below are some instructions and advice to get you exploring both live and pre recorded options in Microsoft Teams and Powerpoint.

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Beyond the platform: Skill One: Effective Organisation by using a Digital Classroom

Teachers and students are now increasingly turning to their Clouds in order to manage their various documents in order to alleviate the increasingly student bags. “You can never lose a file” sounds like a dream come true for anyone who creates multiple files and photos each day, which is the majority of our student and teaching community.
Increasingly, we are coming to the realisation that not deleting any photos from the last 10 years means that our Clouds are now massive, and finding the right file can take ages!

Digital Citizenship

Beyond the platform: Five skills to teach our Digitally Divergent children before University.

Our students are transcending beyond the tribal nature of these platforms. Instead, they are becoming the “Digital Divergents”- able to use their skills to communicate and flow between each platform with ease. Tech companies have realised that in order to survive, communities require their platforms to be cross compatible.
This has meant that the focus for educators is now to teach and build upon the skills that are universally applicable to all platforms. Focusing on these skills, rather than the platform, prepares your students for their journey into Further Education. Our role as teachers has always been to enable our students to take what they have learnt with them, to help succeed in their chosen paths.

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Five Top Tips: Building a Digital Audit for your school.

Hands up the people who have a colleague that has tried to get you to use a new educational platform by describing it as innovative.
Keep your hand up if your colleague misunderstood what innovative meant and the now paid for platform is yet another digital gimmick in your school.
It happens. I did not properly grasp what what innovation meant until I was introduced to this exceptionally clear definition from Jamie Notter. Your objective is to now look at all the platforms throughout the entire school, and come to a decision on which ones add value to the teaching and learning in your school.