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Winding down your Digital Ecosystems for the year- how to archive a Microsoft Team

Archiving the Team means that all the files, conversations and OneNote are kept safe for future use, without an adult having to worry about potentially missing an alert, or forgetting a scheduled Team class meeting.

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Creating Avatars using Bitmoji and a Surface Pro

Is the lighting right? Do I have the right angle? Do I always look like I’m looking down?

It took me ages to make my first video with my real face in it, and I only did it out of necessity. This was before I discovered how to make my own avatar. I’ve seen countless people doing this on iPads. I wanted in.

Digital Learning Environments top tips

Teams Advanced Features

Add these 4 features to your virtual teacher toolkit for online learning.

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The role of Formative Assessment in our return to physical school. Interest

September 2020 may the perfect time to introduce a more focused approach to empowering students to become the master of their own learning. For the past week I have explored the use of our existing digital tools to boost our Formative Assessment game to welcome back our students in a structured and calm manner.

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Online lesson creation- Methods you can use to deliver content in COVID19 and beyond

Pre recorded and live lessons play a huge part in teaching our students through this current climate. They can also become an important aspect of your teaching practice in the future too. Below are some instructions and advice to get you exploring both live and pre recorded options in Microsoft Teams and Powerpoint.

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Writing a Digital Strategy.

In order to write a Digital Strategy, you need to work as a team. Edtech leaders will need to work closely not just with their peers, but representatives from the whole school community.